EZ Gmail Reader

EZ Gmail Reader

Inspect and spy any other Gmail accounts within your Google Domains

Easy way to search

This Apps allow Administrator search and view ALL Gmail messages in ANY user account, without any manual authorization on the user's part

  • Create a cross-account query search.
  • Activity Summary for the last Day/Week/Month of Gmail accounts
  • States Reports for the system administrator

Watch any email messages

Thes Google Workspace app tools provide to "Google Workspace" Domain Administrators, the ability to browse, search, read and print the content of any Gmail & Inbox accounts in the domain.

  • View email body in full HTML format
  • Download any attachment
  • View message routing data
  • more...

Google Workspace Marketplace

This app is only for "Google Workspace" Domain Administrators 

EZ Gmail Reader at Marketplace

see at Google Workspace Marketplace

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