How to execute Gmail API request using Service Account - C# .NET 6

Where and How to Use Service Account? A service account is a special kind of account used by an application, rather than a person. You can use a service account to access data or perform actions by the robot account itself, or to access data on behalf of Google Workspace or Cloud Identity users. In this post, I will review how to execute Gmail API requests using Service Account see the full sample code on  GitHub Prerequisites A Google Cloud Platform project With the Admin SDK API enabled service account with domain-wide delegation. A Google Workspace domain. With an active account and granted administrator privileges. Visual Studio 2013 or later Step 1: Set up the Google Cloud Platform project Create a Google Cloud project A Google Cloud project is required to use Google Workspace APIs and build Google Workspace add-ons or apps. If you don't already have a Google Cloud project, refer to: How to Create a Google Cloud project Enable Google Workspace APIs Before using Google APIs, yo

Advanced Filter and Search Support

Advanced Filter and Search Support Go beyond the use of regular searches, which are limited in scope. Use Gmail Reader to leverage the power of advanced search operators (or special commands and parameters) to dig deeper and narrow your searches when hunting for information. You can use words or symbols called search operators to filter your Gmail search results. You can also combine operators to filter your results even more. How to use a search operator Login to Gmail Reader Once installed the app are accessible through the App Launcher In the search box, type the search operator. What you can search by Search operator & example Specify the sender `from:` Example: `from:amy` Specify a recipient `to:` Example: `to:david` Specify a recipient who received a copy `cc:` `bcc:` Example: `cc:david` Words in the subject line `subject:` Example: `subject:dinner` Messages that match multiple terms `OR` or `{ }` Example: `from:amy OR from:david` Example: `{from:amy from:david}` Remove messa

When and What are the verification required to publish Google Workspace add-ons ?

Google Workspace (G Suite) addon Verification When and What are the verifications required to publish your Google Workspace add-ons ? To publish a Google Workspace add-on, verification is required to ensure that the add-on meets Google's policies and guidelines for add-on development and usage. Once the application is verified, it will be able to access the requested scopes for users who grant permission.  Google requires verification for accessing user data via OAuth when certain sensitive or restricted scopes are requested by the OAuth client application. These scopes include: Gmail scopes (access to a user's inbox, drafts, sent items, etc.) Google Drive scopes (access to a user's files and folders) Google Calendar scopes (access to a user's calendar events) It is important to note that the verification process may differ depending on the type of add-on being developed (e.g. Gmail add-on, Calendar add-on, etc.) and that Google may revoke verification if the add-on vio